TRHS graduates 140 at Saturday morning ceremony

Joan LeBlanc
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SACKVILLE, NB - The rich strains of the pipe organ at Mount Allison Universities’ Convocation Hall provided the musical backdrop as the 2014 graduates of Tantramar Regional High School wound their way down the aisles and onto the stage for graduation ceremonies on Saturday morning.

With the auditorium filled with their family and friends, this year’s class of 131 students received their diplomas, a final coming-together for students, most of whom had entered TRHS as grade nine students in the fall of 2010.

The address to the graduates was given by Rev. Phillip Wheaton, a member of the TRHS Class of 1983 who is currently senior pastor at the Bethel Mennonite Church in Langley, BC.

Wheaton, a former TRHS football Titan, talked about his years at Tantramar and regaling those gathered with some humourous tales of his time spent there.

On a more serious note, he had some advice for the graduates of 2014 as they complete their high school years and look to the years ahead.

“Each of you deserves recognition and honour for your work earning the tassel, the fulfillment of the necessary requirements, of 12 years of blood, sweat and tears. In each of these students rests the potential for great things,” he said.

He noted that in their future, the graduates will meet a lot of people, people who will tell them what it takes to succeed in life, and who may be anxious to direct them.

“Your success in life is not tied to any person’s words of wisdom, but to the choices you make and the dedication you practice in fulfillment. You will have, in most cases, endless opportunities to invest your lives into all manner of beings; some good, healthy and just while others won’t be nearly so beneficial. My question is: what will you invest your life in,” he said.

Wheaton suggested three principles that will help the graduates on the journey that they choose and the investments that they will make.

“The first one is this: invest your life in giving and receiving gratitude…in doing this you will know and find what it is to live. …Study after study has shown that the people who have the greatest life satisfaction are those who experience and express gratitude,” he said.

He went on to say that the second principle is to invest their lives in giving and receiving of forgiveness.

“Forgiving someone will make you sleep better at night…forgiveness is defined as a ‘change of heart’…you will be better in every way when you invest in forgiveness,” he said.

Thirdly, Wheaton urged the graduates to invest their lives in following people of good character.

“One of the people who impacted my life growing up in this town is a man that a football field in this town is today named after…my football coach, Dave Jardine…it was through his gentle, kind  words of encouragement that I learned to choose to be and to do that which was right,” he said.

Valedictorian Jackson Malone shared some light-hearted moments of the past four years spent at TRHS as well as some of those experiences of which lasting memories are made.

“This is the end of the path we have shared; now it is time for us to part ways. I challenge you to remain positive, be kind, set your goals high and have pride….there is no sense dreading what is to come. We are leaving now with the fondest of memories and the anticipation of what is yet to come…” he said.


TRHS students receive more than $300,000 in awards, bursaries, scholarships


Members of the 2014 TRHS Class of 2014 were the recipients of more than $300,000 in awards, bursaries and scholarships on Saturday in Sackville during the graduation ceremony.

In addition to many awards and bursaries given by local businesses, individuals and service organizations there were a number of awards in excess of $1000, including the following:

$1000 Heather Austin Memorial Award – Bailey Fleming

$1000 Advance Savings Credit Union bursary– Sydney-ann Murray

$1000 RBC Foundation bursary – Melissa Baxter

$1000 Bud White Memorial bursary – Jesse Wheaton

$1000 Royal Canadian legion Branch #26 Sackville bursary – Taylor Estabrooks

2 - $1000 bursaries, Sackville Memorial Hospital – Marley Landry, Jenelle MacIsaac

2 - $1000 bursaries, Sackville Rotary Club – Sarah Bowser, Sarah Jarvis

2 - $1000 bursaries, Sabrina Patterson Memorial – Emily Lekas, Nicole Wry

2 - $1000 bursaries, Sackville District Girl Guides – Jessica Grant, Bailey Rhindress

2 - $1500 bursaries, Sackville District Girl Guides -  Sarah Bowser, Shuanglian Kissick

3 - $1500 bursaries, Audrey Sawdon Memorial Fund of the Sackville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary – Sarah Bowser, Emily Lekas, Jenelle MacIsaac

$1000 NBCC College Entrance scholarship – Nicole Wry

$1000 John W. Wilson Tantramar Advantage Scholarship – Madison Banks

$1500 John W. Wilson Tantramar Advantage Scholarship – Sarah Wilson

$1000 John W. Wilson Tantramar Trades & Technology  Scholarship – Sarah Shannon

$1500 John W. Wilson Tantramar Trades & Technology Scholarship – Lucas Barczyk

Scholarships and bursaries to various universities and community colleges were also awarded to a number of TRHS Class of 2014 graduates. They included the following:

$5000 entrance scholarship to UNB – Madison Banks

$1000 Veterans of Foreign Wars scholarship and $750 renewable entrance scholarship to Acadia University – Malia Champagne

$10,000 University of King’s College scholarship – Catherine Evans

$1000 renewable scholarship, St. Mary’s University – Max Farella

$2000 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison; $1500 Ron Smythe Memorial scholarship; $2000 Mount Allison and TRHS scholarship – Bailey Fleming

$1000 renewable scholarship St. Thomas – Destiny Fournier

$500 Assoc. of Can. Princess Louise Hassars Regiment - Mitchell Green

$2000 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison - Connor Higham

$2000 renewable scholarship and $1500 bursary, Mount Allison - Sarah Jarvis

$2000 entrance scholarship, Mount Allison - Shuanglian Kissick

$500 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison – Emily Lekas

$1500 renewable scholarship, Mount Saint Vincent University   Jenelle MacIsaac

$2600 entrance scholarship, Acadia University – Katie MacPherson

$2600 renewable entrance scholarship, Acadia - Jackson Malone

$3000 renewable scholarship, Crandall University - Isaiah Marr

$500 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison - Monserratt Martinez-Farina

$4000 renewable Gold Entrance scholarship, Mount Allison and $2000 Mount A/TRHS Mount Allison - Jaryd Morrissey

$1000 entrance scholarship, UNB – Bailey Rhindress

$1000 Hilyard and Gwen Crossman education bursary – Sarah Shannon

$1000 George Foster, UNB scholarship  Zachary Snowden

$1500 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison - Liam Stewart

$750 entrance scholarship, Dalhousie University - James Summerby-Murray

$1500 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison -Michaela


$500 Ron Smythe bursary – Josie Ward

$500 entrance scholarship, Mount Allison – Jesse Wheaton

$4000 renewable McCain’s scholarship, $1250 entrance scholarship, $700 entrance scholarship, Acadia University Acadia - Katelyn Wheaton

$3000 renewable scholarship, Mount Allison – Sarah Wilson

$3000 entrance scholarship, U de Moncton - Lindsay Trueman

$23,000 Tantramar Scholarship (Wilson family); $17,000 four-year residence scholarship and $2600 entrance scholarship from Acadia, total value $51,000 - Jackson Malone

Trophies and Medals

The Class of ’82 trophy for outstanding leadership and high academic standing – Madison Banks

The Esther Leger Award for second highest average in graduation year, originally given at Regional Memorial School in Port Elgin – Sarah Wilson

Jeffrey Goodwin Spence award for graduate involved in school activities and respected by students and teachers; is friendly, considerate and kind – Jenelle MacIsaac

Birk’s Medal for high scholastic standing and outstanding contribution to the school – Bailey Fleming

Gov-General’s Medal & certificate for highest average on all grade 11 and 12 courses taken – Jackson Malone

Organizations: NBCC College, Tantramar Regional High School, Mount Allison Universities Bethel Mennonite Church Madison Banks Acadia University Memorial Hospital RBC Foundation Veterans of Foreign Wars University of King Mount Saint Vincent University Crandall University Dalhousie University Regional Memorial School in Port Elgin

Geographic location: Langley, Sydney, Acadia Mary St. Thomas

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