Thank you, lovely Sackville, for a wonderful experience

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By Melora McInnis

It's coming up to the completion of my first year at Holland College, Journalism. It was decided by my instructors and I that I would be staying in Sackville for two weeks for my on-the-job-training at the Tribune Post. I became instantly nervous and I continued to be everyday until my departure to N.B.
All my classmates had already completed their first year and are already on their summer vacation, while I was just coming back from my trip to Regina, Sask., representing PEI at the Canadian Ringette Championships.

I was exhausted, stressed and ready for summer. I didn't want to leave my family again for the second time in two weeks while the rest of my classmates were already enjoying summer vacation.

I never spoke a word to anyone about how nervous I really was because I knew whether I liked it or not, I'd be going to Sackville and living on my own in a place where I hardly knew anyone.

From the second I walked into the Tribune Post I felt I a strong, instant sense of relief from the simple, generous welcome I received from my editor Scott Doherty and his wonderful staff, who I quickly formed bonds with. I could read from the staff's faces that they were naturally sweet people and I was instantly ready to get to work.

After I got settled in that Monday evening in my single room dorm at Mount Allison University, I was ready to open my mind to this brand new place.

That takes me up to here, on this beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon, May 9. In a couple of hours I will be travelling back to the Island for the weekend and my parents would be disappointed to hear that I would rather stay here.

Sackville is a small, simple town but in the most beautiful of ways. Everyone is nice and gives me the same respect I give them and this is all I ask from anyone.

I knew only one person coming into this town, but I met many more who I will never forget for giving me an amazing experience.

In the one week I've been here, every single person I had the pleasure to associate with is simply nice and was always open for conversation.

This includes the staff and people I've met at the delicious coffee shops and restaurants I've been to while here, this includes Patterson's Family Restaurant, Mel's Tea room, Bridge Street Café and Black Duck Coffee House - they were all delicious!

I also took the lovely stroll through the Waterfowl Park but I'm not finished yet, I am here for one more week and I plan to get the full Sackville experience.

The people I've met while reporting are fantastic and humble; the people I walk by on the street aren't afraid to smile back.

My mother called me Wednesday evening, May 7 and asked how I was doing; I told her I was happy and I loved Sackville. She asked me if I would ever live here and I said,

"If I had to pick anywhere to live right now, it would be Sackville. I love it." And I meant it!

I've travelled to many locations throughout Canada and not a single one is comparable to Sackville. Even though it's unfortunate I am only here for two weeks, I promise to be back to this wonderful town.

Organizations: Tribune Post I, Mount Allison University, Bridge Street Café and Black Duck Coffee House

Geographic location: Waterfowl Park, Canada

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