Yarmouth County Pathfinders receive highest award

Published on July 5, 2017

Pathfinders Nikki Nickerson, Madison George, Emma Doucette and Torri Boudreau recently received their Canada Cord, the highest award possible for a Pathfinder.

©Carla Allen

YARMOUTH -  Ask these award-winning Pathfinders what people usually think of when Girl Guides are mentioned and they chuckle.

“Probably their first impression is, oh yeah, you go camping and stuff, but you don’t do what the guys do,” said Torri Boudreau.

“We do a LOT of what the guys do… and more. If you go to a Scout camp you’re not going to see them throwing knives!” she laughed.

Knife throwing, ax throwing and a wide range of other activities were some of what Boudreau and other Yarmouth Pathfinders Nikki Nickerson, Madison George and Wedgeport Pathfinder Emma Doucette experienced on their way to earning their recently received Canada Cord, the highest award that they can receive as a Pathfinder. The achievement also counts as a special interest credit on their high school transcript.  

On June 10, some of the girls were able to go to Halifax for the award presentation at a Youth Recognition Ceremony. Two hundred girls from across Nova Scotia attended.

To earn the award, the girls completed various community service projects: helping out with the food bank, beach and park cleanups, and other activities.

The Yarmouth unit includes: Carleton, Wedgeport, Salmon River and Pubnico.

There’s a drive on to recruit leaders in Shelburne and Barrington and start units in that area.

Nickerson, George and Boudreau have been going to Girl Guides for a decade, since they were five. It took three years for them to earn their awards, working towards special achievement badges that included a community service award and their citizenship certificate - learning about Canadian citizenship.

Yarmouth Pathfinders leader and outgoing western district commissioner Crystle George says the girls learn a lot about themselves during the process.

“They gain a lot of confidence. They have to plan so many events, camps and sleepovers for younger groups. They lead them. We’re just there to supervise,” she said.

Levels of Guiding

All girls from 5 – 17 are welcome to join Guiding. The age ranges for each branch are as follows:

Sparks – 5-6 years

Brownies – 7-8 years

Guides – 9-12 years

Pathfinders – 12-14 years

Rangers – 15-17 years