Sackville Mayor encourages residents to stand up against hate, prejudice

Published on February 15, 2017

Sackville Mayor John Higham is calling on area residents to stand up against acts of hate and prejudice.

SACKVILLE, N.B. – A swastika symbol carved in the snow on a university football field in Sackville. A deadly attack on Muslims while they are at prayer in Quebec.

Both acts of hate and prejudice –  both events that have left an impact on the Sackville community.



Terror attack in Quebec City

Youths responsible for swastika symbol on Mount Allison football field


“These link together in far too many ways to leave any of us comfortable,” said Mayor John Higham. “The emblem of hate, prejudice and death – and the brutal actions of one acting on hate and prejudice causing death.”

The only defense we have is what we do ourselves. Mayor John Higham

In the wake of these two incidents, Higham used last week’s town council meeting to comment on the events and calling on residents to stand up against these acts, saying we don’t need to look too much farther around the world to see similar signs emerging elsewhere.

And even though we may often feel that such terrible views and actions can not happen here in Sackville or in Canada, they have, he said.

“The only defense we have is what we do ourselves.”

Higham said we must all consider if our actions are abetting such events, or putting a stop to them.

“Do we use words to demean, to hurt and to hate? Do we allow them to be used in front of us, or to be applied to others, without acting? If we do not manage ourselves; we now know what the results can look like. It looks like the mosque in Quebec and it looks like the field here in Sackville.”

“We must all do better and I trust that here in Sackville we will rise to that challenge.”