Town of Sackville managers will get “catch-up” raises this year

Council votes 7-1 to bring managers’ pays in line with unionized workers

Published on August 10, 2017

Town of Sackville

SACKVILLE, N.B. – Town managers will be getting pay hikes this year to bring their salaries more on scale with unionized staff.

Town council voted 7-1 last month to provide the managers, with the exception of the chief administrative officer (CAO), with “catch-up” raises this year along with wage adjustments over the next five years that are in line with what the union recently agreed to in its new collective agreement.

We need to pay our managers well, as well as our unionized employees.

Coun. Bill Evans

Councillor Bill Evans explained that the town has a longstanding policy in place that generally states that managers get a change to their pay scale consistent with the unionized workers.

However, Evans pointed to the fact that the salary schedules for managers haven’t been reviewed in more than a decade, so “our management staff pay scale has fallen behind.”

Presently, he said 20 per cent of the town’s unionized workers make more money than 40 per cent of the managers. He said that gap has made it a challenge at times to hire people for the management positions. A couple of the town’s most recently-hired managers have even had to take a pay cut from their previous positions to come and work in this town, said Evans.

“We need to pay our managers well, as well as our unionized employees,” he said.

The unionized workers recently signed a contract that provides them with slight wage adjustments over the six-year term of their agreement – one per cent in each of the first three years, two years of 1.5 per cent increases, and a two per cent raise in the final year.

CAO Phil Handrahan falls under a separate category from other managers, with his pay being adjusted by council following an annual performance evaluation.