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Funding offered to small businesses for energy-efficient lighting upgrades

NB Power
NB Power

NB Power is helping owners of small businesses and commercial buildings save energy and money with a new incentive program for energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

The Small Business Lighting Program offers eligible businesses targeted advice and financial incentives for upgrades to lighting systems and controls. Lighting can be a significant portion of the electricity bill for a small business and, through this program, business owners can get up to $7,500 in incentives.

“Small businesses are important to New Brunswick’s economy,” said Gaëtan Thomas, the utility’s president and CEO. “NB Power is proud to develop this program to help lower costs and improve the bottom line for hundreds of local entrepreneurs. Not only does the program offer incentives but, year over year, the cost savings from these upgrades will help to ensure that these enterprises continue to do business and provide jobs in New Brunswick.”

This is the second energy-efficiency program for commercial businesses and, along with the Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program, it is aimed at helping businesses eliminate energy waste and improve profitability by reducing energy and maintenance costs.

“Our government is committed to helping small businesses succeed in New Brunswick,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “This program will help business owners lower energy costs, create a more productive work environment, provide a better customer experience and reduce the time and costs for lighting system maintenance.”

Fraser spoke on behalf of Energy and Resource Development Minister Rick Doucet.

Businesses with energy consumption below 100,000 kilowatt hours per year may be eligible. More information on the program, including eligibility details, is available online or by calling 1-800-663-6272.

With the launch of the Small Business Lighting Program, NB Power now has six energy-efficiency programs, which include the Home Insulation Energy Savings Program, the Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program, the Low Income Energy Savings Program, the Home Energy Report Program and the Smart Habits Rebate Program, which will be offering in-store rebates this October and November.

These programs have provided customers with about $13 million in incentives for upgrades since April 2015, resulting in more than $45 million in spinoff benefits as home and business owners have purchased materials and hired local contractors to complete the work.

Investments in energy efficiency programs are part of NB Power’s long-term strategy to build a stronger, smarter power grid, and provide customers with more ways to save energy, time and money. These investments are also intended to help ensure New Brunswickers have clean, reliable energy at stable prices for generations to come.

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