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Kristin Doncaster will follow in her grandfather’s footsteps to organize Sackville farm field day

Kristin Doncaster has taken over as this year’s coordinator of Sackville’s farm field day, which takes place Sept. 16.
Kristin Doncaster has taken over as this year’s coordinator of Sackville’s farm field day, which takes place Sept. 16.

SACKVILLE, N.B. – Sackville’s farm field day is going back to its roots with a member of the Doncaster family back at the reins and taking over as the new coordinator.

Kristin Doncaster, who recently returned to her hometown after 11 years in Halifax where she was serving in the navy, has taken on the role for this year’s event, which is set for Sept. 16.

Kristin said she is excited to take on the task of coordinating Family Day at the Doncaster Farm, an event that has become Sackville’s biggest event of the year, and keeping the tradition alive, following in her grandfather Bud’s footsteps.

“I just think it’s such a nice event and so many people enjoy it, I’m just glad I can have a hand in keeping that going,” said Kristin.

The farm field day, which draws in anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 people each year and features activities such as pony rides, a petting zoo, horse-drawn wagon rides, tractor demonstrations, live musical entertainment, hay-lifting demonstrations, chili and cookie bake-offs and much more, was an idea originally conceived and organized by the Doncaster family and friends.

Once known as the Bud Doncaster Memorial Agricultural Field Day, the event was renamed Family Day at the Doncaster Farm in 2015 when many of the longtime key organizers of the event decided to step back after more than a decade of running the event, citing the time commitment and work involved. Since that time, the town has taken on the task or hiring a coordinator for the event as well as recruiting the necessary volunteers.

The Doncaster family has continued to play a significant role in keeping the event going, however, providing the town use of their field as well as serving in an advisory capacity.

“There’s never been any hesitation from the Doncaster family about keeping this event going,” said Matt Pryde, manager of recreation programs and special events for the town.

Pryde said although the event has continued to do well for the past two years under two different volunteer coordinators, the town is pleased to have a Doncaster back on board to organize the event.

“We’re excited a family member wants to step up and take this on,” he said. “It speaks volumes about the family and their interest in seeing this event continue.”

The farm field day has, over the years, become a major attraction, drawing visitors from all over the Maritimes.

Kristin said this year’s event will offer many of the longtime traditional favourites while also incorporating a few new activities, such as mechanical bull riding, barrel racing and pole-bending demonstrations, just to name a few.

“I hope that the community continues to support the event and enjoy it as they always have,” she said.

To put on a successful event, however, requires a large crew of volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to assist with the farm field day, Pryde said people are welcome to help out with any job, for any length of time – “it’s super flexible.” Contact Kristin at kristin.doncaster@gmail.com if you are able to help out with the event.

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