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Sackville Fire Department kicks off new fundraiser

Sackville firefighter Laura Thurston displays one of the new Sackville Fire & Rescue Department fundraising calendars.
Sackville firefighter Laura Thurston displays one of the new Sackville Fire & Rescue Department fundraising calendars. - Katie Tower

Proceeds from calendar project will help expand local fire prevention program

SACKVILLE, N.B. – A new fundraiser coming out of the Sackville Fire & Rescue Department will help expand the local fire prevention program.

Laura Thurston, a Sackville firefighter who has been heading up the fundraiser project, said the department would like to improve upon its fire prevention efforts, which are currently geared toward getting the message out to local youth through school and daycare visits and station tours during Fire Prevention Week.

“There’s so much more we could do with it,” said Thurston. “We want to expand it and do a lot more involving the whole community.”

Education is the number one fire prevention tool in any community, she said, and it would be great to have more resources to dedicate to that area.

The fundraiser is a calendar, a project that is anticipated to be an annual undertaking, with proceeds going each year to different committees or areas within the department, said Thurston.

She said firefighters were looking for a way to raise funds beyond the department’s annual truck draw, which has been a successful fundraiser that helps bring in much-needed funds for larger pieces of equipment and/or gear.

“We were looking for a fundraiser we could do that would bring in some funds for some of these smaller projects.”

Thurston, with some help from Carter’s Sports Cresting, began putting together the calendar last fall, getting some photos together and seeking advertising support from local businesses.

“I really enjoyed putting it together,” she said.

This year’s calendar focuses on the department’s fleet of vehicles and larger pieces of equipment, highlighting the unique features of each piece and “what they are capable of,” said Thurston. As one of the newest firefighters to come on board, having only been a member for two years, Thurston said gathering all the information on each of the trucks was a great learning process for her and she believes local residents will enjoy finding out more about them as well.

“We are so fortunate to have the equipment we do,” she said.

Thurston said support from advertisers in the first year of the calendar has been tremendous.

“We filled it pretty quickly. We actually had to start turning people away, so with next year’s calendar, we’ll try and expand our advertising space.”

The calendars, at five bucks a piece, are available at UAP Napa and Gary Estabrooks Auto Service in Sackville as well as from any fire department member. They will also be available at the weekly farmers’ markets on Saturday mornings and at the upcoming Firemen’s Winter Carnival on Feb. 24.

For more information, check out the Sackville Fire & Rescue Facebook page or contact Thurston at or 871-4074.

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