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Sackville's EOS Eco-Energy offering bulk purchase of compost bins

EOS Eco-Energy is facilitating a bulk purchase of compost bins this summer.
EOS Eco-Energy is facilitating a bulk purchase of compost bins this summer.

SACKVILLE, N.B. – This summer EOS Eco-Energy has been thinking about waste reduction and how local Tantramar residents can reduce and repurpose their household waste.

“Composting kitchen scraps and yard waste is a great place to start as composting at home diverts material from waste-management systems and landfills while producing a useful product for your plants,” explains EOS summer student Amelia Moore.

Composting can be done in many ways from a large outdoor bin that can handle all your household organic waste or a small indoor bin under a sink or cupboard for everyday kitchen scraps. “You could even add some red wriggler worms to help out!” says Moore.

The horror stories of smelly bins that attract unwanted critters are easily avoidable.  By balancing “brown” high-carbon material and “green” high-nitrogen material your compost will break down without foul smells and by avoiding meat, dairy, fish and animal waste it should not attract unwanted animals. Also keep the compost bin damp but not wet.

Not only does composting reduce waste, but it can also be used on plants or in your garden mixed into soil. Compost retains water and is great to help reduce runoff and if done right composting can save you money by cutting down on fertilizer costs. Finished compost will be high in nutrients and an easy addition to your garden.

“This summer EOS is facilitating a bulk purchase of compost bins to help local residents across Tantramar reduce waste and improve their gardens,” explains Amanda Marlin, executive director with EOS.  The bins are made by Eco-Container Co. of Dorchester and consist of recycled black barrels and lumber and spin easily to aerate and turn the compost.  “Bins are $130 (normally $150) and delivered free of charge in Sackville and Dorchester areas,” notes Marlin. To participate in the bulk purchase, contact EOS at assistant.eos@nb.aibn.com or 506-536-4487 before August 31st, 2017. EOS has received funding from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund and the Mount Allison Students Union’s Green Investment Fund to support waste reduction projects this year. More information on composting can be found at www.eosecoenergy.com and EOS’ Facebook page.

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