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All-time great slasher Halloween just one spooky October Netflix addition


The original, classic film from John Carpenter is a legendary horror gem.

With a spine-tingling score, a terrifying masked killer and a mysterious background, Halloween has endured for 40 years as the absolute best slasher film of all time.

Revolving around a masked murderer who stalks and kills a number of young women on Halloween night, this is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Jamie Lee Curtis stars, and proves she's the absolute scream queen.

As the sequel -- with Curtis reprising her role as an older, wiser Laurie Strode -- hits theatres tonight, maybe you should revisit this before heading to the cinema.

5/5 Stars

Scary Movie

Spoof movies are, by almost their very definition, the most silly comedies of all.

That can be either a good thing, or an incredibly bad thing, depending on your sense of humour.

While I can't stomach the final three sequels, this film and the second are just witty enough that the satire sticks.

Spoofing such scary movies as Scream, Blair Witch Project, I Know What You Did Last Summer and more, this comedy is a cut above the spoof competition.

Anna Faris is flat-out hilarious here, and with roles for Shannon Elizabeth, Regina Hall and Marlon Wayans, this is the best of the genre.

4/5 Stars


This meta horror film is the best made since the 1990's. The Wes Craven flick follows a young girl coping with the one-year anniversary of her mother's murder.

She and her friends then begin being picked off one by one by a new killer with a penchant for old horror flicks.

This movie has some of the wittiest genre dialogue and turned the entire slasher genre on its head.

With a hip young cast and leads Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette giving great performances, this is one of my personal favourites.

4.5/5 Stars


When a writer past his prime moves into his new home, one where murders occurred, he finds a box of super 8 film chronicling murders.

The true-crime novelst soon learns that the story he's writing about the house's inhabitants may actually be about a serial killer.

From director/writer Scott Derrickson comes this gripping horror film, with savage imagery and a knack for scare-a-minute thrills.

Ethan Hawke is fantastic in the lead, and adds depth to a film that may have otherwise fallen flat.

4/5 Stars


Back to Hell's Kitchen we go with a third season of the ever-popular Netflix series.

After a clunky, sporadically visionary second season, critics are saying things are back in full form for this outing.

With a great central cast, and Vincent D'Onofrio returning as villain Kingpin, this is set to be an unbelievable 13-episode stint.

I know I'll be back on board to see it in full swing.

Expectations are high for this one.

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