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KEELY TURNER: Celebrity Instagram accounts worth following

Stand-up comedian Chris D'Elia has a laugh-out-loud Instagram account, says pop culture columnist Keely Turner.
Stand-up comedian Chris D'Elia has a laugh-out-loud Instagram account, says pop culture columnist Keely Turner. - Contributed

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Keely Turner
Keely Turner

Are you looking to spend more time staring at your iPhone?

Of course you are!

Here are my absolute favourite celebrities to follow on social media.

Jenny Mollen

Author, actress and wife of Jason Biggs, Jenny is the most entertaining person I follow. She is neurotic, obsessed with packing her child the most elaborate school lunches and the most relatable over-sharer on the internet.

Comments by Celebs

Their tagline is “Because even famous people love famous people” and I am here for the peek behind the curtain. The creators scour Instagram for the funniest, juiciest, thirstiest comments left by celebrities for other celebrities. They do a weekly roundup of just Chrissy Teigen tweets and comments and I spend six out of seven days simply waiting for it to drop.

Chrissy Teigen

Naturally my next favourite follow is Chrissy Teigen herself. Most of Chrissy’s posts are her cooking and eating, but she also tosses in some hilarious content and some real life behind the scenes into her life with John Legend and their kids.

the things we do

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Kaitlyn Bristowe

My all-time favourite bachelorette and second favourite podcast host, Kaitlyn is funny, entertaining, and following her is like watching a reality show without the editing. She’s in a new relationship and it’s like watching a 10-second romantic comedy every time they post.

Dax Shepard

He is my favourite podcast host, actor and the only guy who can pull off overalls. Dax is funny and charming and he has a great perspective on what’s happening in the world. If you like pictures of celebrities with other celebrities, then man, are you going to fall in love with Dax’s Instagram feed.

Tanks Good News

This isn’t exactly a celebrity, but he has one million followers and brings joy to my life everyday – so better than a celebrity? The account highlights amazing and positive things that are happening around the world every single day in order to brighten lives and make us more optimistic. This is the only account that I like every single photo posted. Even my husband doesn’t get that kind of respect from me!

Jessi Cruickshank

What happens if someone hilarious and personable had twin boys? Jessi Cruickshank’s Instagram! She shares really funny mom content, but guess what? I’m not a mom and I still find it LOL-worthy.

Gary Janetti

Gary is a writer (“Family Guy”) and producer (“Will & Grace”) and husband of stylist Brad Goreski. He mainly posts about Prince George and has created a sort of character and personality for him that is the perfect edgy comedy.

Chris D’Elia

Chris is a comedian and actor and the only Instagram account that I routinely laugh out loud by myself over. I often give him the ultimate honour of sharing his posts with my loved ones so we can all laugh and bond together. Is that the ultimate honour of an Instagram presence? Maybe being approached to sell Sugar Bear Hair Gummies is the ultimate honour.

While you’re on Instagram following these celebrities, feel free to follow me (@KeelyMTurner), I share mainly puzzles I’m working on, my dog and occasionally a #OOTD of my sweatpants. It’s riveting!

Keely Turner takes a look at pop culture through the eyes of an P.E.I. girl with a big-city attitude. She's also a pretty rad entrepreneur, marketing specialist and writer. Her column, Keelywood, will appear monthly . Reach out to her by email at keelymturner@gmail.com or on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.


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