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Netflix: What's new, what's worth it?

Man Up

I’ve you’ve ever gone on the most challenging, fruitless blind date and have never seen your frustration illuminated on screen, then Man Up is for you.

When a single, desperate girl takes the place of an unwitting stranger’s blind date, plenty of hijinks ensue, and it all actually makes for a fantastic film.

Lake Bell and Simon Pegg are both endlessly likeable and charming, which is a great start. The twists and turns along the way make this one of the best lowkey comedies of the last few years.

It was previously on Netflix but was taken off. Now that we have it again, you can take this as a second chance to see it.

4/5 Stars

Drag Me To Hell

Alison Lohman stars in this disgusting and hilarious Sam Raimi delight about a woman who has a curse put on her from a client at her bank that she wronged.

As evil chases her at every turn, the woman tries to escape and get her life back to good. Raimi gives this film some incredible Evil Dead panache as director and co-writer.

It’s a movie that could have easily turned into a farce without his gentle direction, and his gleeful script.

Overall it’s a horror-comedy that doesn’t change the genre, but it’s pretty darn interesting.

3.5/5 Stars

Iron Man 2

This sequel to the breakout Marvel hit doesn’t hit the same heights as the original, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

With a screenplay from Justin Theroux and original director Jon Favreau back, much of the stylings we loved in the first are back.

Robert Downey Jr. is once again hilarious and heroic, but this time we have Mickey Rourke as a vengeful villain. He borders on caricature, but Rourke manages to hold it together.

Don Cheadle also replaces Terrence Howard here, which is a saving grace. With the addition of Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell, we have a well-conducted superhero film.

4/5 stars

Bad Neighbors

This comedy from Nicholas Stoller – director of Get Him To The Greek – is a hilarious take on a couple whose peaceful existence with their baby goes awry when a frat house moves in next door.

In a twist of events, Seth Rogen plays the straight man to Zac Efron’s bawdy, inappropriate frat leader, and they work so well together it’s scary.

With this film, Efron proved he could lead a comedy, and showed more screen presence than I really knew he had.

But the funniest person in this film is Bridesmaids alum Rose Byrne as a wife not afraid to party or fight for her right for eight hours sleep.

4.5/5 Stars


I know next to nothing about this show except its title, and the fact it stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone.

The fact they’re reuniting after Superbad for a Netflix original sci-fi show is so exciting I can hardly contain myself.

Critics have been describing the show, from True Detective season one director Cary Fukunaga, as trippy and funny, and it has a 79 % positive Metacritic rating.

If you have even the slightest interest, I suggest checking it out. I know I will me.

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