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Want to know more about your five candidates running for Sackville town council?

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All-candidates forum will provide opportunity for debate, discussion on municipal issues

SACKVILLE, N.B. – Candidates hoping to fill the vacant town council seat in the upcoming municipal byelection will face each other and the voters Wednesday night.

An all-candidates forum is being held Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 7 p.m at the Tantramar Veterans Memorial Civic Centre. The event will give candidates a chance to answer questions and share their views as they vie for the seat left empty when Megan Mitton recently stepped down to serve as the region’s MLA.

Bruce Wark, a retired journalist who runs his own independent news blog, is hosting the forum and will serve as moderator.

“I decided to organize the event when I saw that Sackville was lucky enough to attract five candidates from a variety of backgrounds, giving voters a wide choice for the one vacant seat on town council,” said Wark.

“I’m hoping the forum will give voters a chance to hear all of the candidates in person, ask them questions and compare their answers and approaches.”

He said with such a short time frame between the close of nominations and the date of the byelection – advanced polls are on Dec. 1 and voting day is Dec. 10 – Wark thought it would be a good idea to involve candidates in what he hopes will be a major campaign event.

“I covered the 2016 all-candidates’ debate at the civic centre and, although I was new to town then, I felt it gave me a better understanding of issues, personalities and the history of the town. I’m hoping this forum will do the same.”

The moderated forum will feature opening and closing statements from each of the candidates – Sabine Dietz, Julia Feltham, Shawn Mesheau, Brian Neilson, and Dylan Wooley-Berry – as well as a few questions from Wark. Then the mic will be opened up to questions from the audience.

For more information, see the Facebook page for the event at https://www.facebook.com/warktimes/


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