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Mutual aid call to Port Maitland fire


PORT MAITLAND - Fire departments from Port Maitland, Yarmouth and Lakes & District responded to a structure fire at 24 Hector St. at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 5.

Port Maitland fire department safety officer Jeff Hodgson said firefighters managed to confine the worst damage to one bedroom upstairs.

“When we got there it seemed to be air-limited,” he said.

“Once we opened up the door we had lots of flames and smoke but we knocked it down pretty quickly.

Other parts of the home experienced smoke and water damage.

Hodgson said that, structurally, the home still appeared to be sound.

He expressed appreciation for the other fire departments’ assistance.

“They provided resources to us and it was really appreciated. We couldn’t survive without each other,” he said.

“None of us really have the resources for a big fire. Yarmouth perhaps does, but they usually have manpower issues during the day.”

Everyone was out of the house when firefighters arrived on the scene.


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