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Sackville's Pickard Quarry park proposal still gaining support

Some members of town council say they’re not ready to turn away from the idea of converting Sackville’s quarry into a municipal park.

Although Coun. Mike Tower put forward a motion during council’s monthly meeting last Monday night, recommending that the town “not proceed with the funding or development of a proposed park or historical site at the Pickard Quarry,” the motion didn’t receive much support.

In fact, several councillors said they hope the proposed project is able to eventually get off the ground, even if the town isn’t able to provide the financial support to make it happen.

“I support the concept and I believe it’s a good idea,” said Coun. Merrill Fullerton.

The motion was put on council’s agenda last week, based on the recent findings of a report conducted by Sackville’s economic development officer.

The report suggested that the only way the project could proceed is if a strong committee was formed to develop the idea further and to seek outside financial support for the project, since it was determined that the municipality was limited due to the costs involved.

But Fullerton said he isn’t convinced the report reviewed all of the potential funding options available for these types of projects.

“We didn’t explore the heritage aspect,” he said, noting that Sackville’s strong quarrying history could be a factor in the park’s development.

Last week’s motion also confused some councillors, who said they were unsure why they would vote “not to do something”

“We’re already not doing it . . . so I’m not sure why we need this motion,” joked Coun. Virgil Hammock.

Hammock said although the town doesn’t have the funding in its budget to kickstart the Quarry park, he hopes that the project can gain support elsewhere.

“I still think it’s a good idea and, as I’ve said before, it can still happen if it can get private funding.”

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