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COMMENTARY: Revisiting #MeToo

Journalists in the SaltWire Network reached out to several women to ask them to share their opinions on the first anniversary of the #MeToo movement going viral. Click to read  some of what they had to say: 

LOWE: #MeToo means that everyday men must learn differently

Our #MeToo energy is better spent remembering that the vast majority of sexual aggressors are not Supreme Court nominees, famous comedians and actors, or marquee national radio hosts.

Dwan Street: #MeToo — one year later 

If there is anything we have learned from both Anita Hill and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s experiences, it is that victims are the ones put on trial, in both the judicial system and the court of public opinion.

#MeToo: Time is up for those men

Famous and powerful men are being exposed as perps, but for millennia a gazillion of them have gotten away with inflicting themselves on unwilling women.

#MeToo: Knowing you're not alone helps sexual assault survivors move towards healing.

Through the #MeToo movement the people I’ve supported have learned that they are not alone, they are not at fault and there is healing.

#MeToo a year later.

Two simple words. Who could have imagined that two words would start a movement that would go on to shake up the world completely?

#MeToo: What Next?

Victims of sexual misconduct have lived with the consequences for too long, while perpetrators have often faced none.

#MeToo movement has become catalyst for confronting sexual predatory behaviours

Societal norms that keep discussions about sex and sexuality taboo further stigmatizes those who have been violated in a sexual manner. Sexual violence may be an individual experience, but it is a societal problem that must be addressed.

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