Former fire, police station to be converted into office space

Katie Tower
Published on March 13, 2016

JN Lafford Realty Inc. has signed a purchase agreement with the Town of Sackville for the community’s former fire hall and police station on Main Street.


SACKVILLE, N.B. – The former fire and police station in downtown Sackville will soon be put to use again – this time as an office building.

JN Lafford Realty Inc. has signed a purchase and sale agreement with the town for the 10,000-square foot building, which has been on the market for more than two years. The building on Main Street housed the town’s fire department and police station until the two were relocated to the new municipal services building nearly three years ago.

John Lafford, president of JN Lafford Realty, said he decided to put an offer on the property because of its prime location, parking availability and the size of the building.

“I didn’t realize it was so big,” he said.

With a bit of exterior work to be completed on the front of the building, and some interior touches such as new flooring, paint and lighting planned, JN Lafford Realty will then relocate from its current location at 80 Main Street to make its new home there, taking up a portion of the building.

“We needed a permanent office and a place to store a few items,” said Lafford.

Lafford expects there will also need to be some structural work done on the building but isn’t sure to what extent yet.

Another local company, Phytoplankton Biotech, is also interested in renting some space in the facility, said Lafford.

He also points out that, as part of his proposal to the town, Lafford Realty has committed 1,500 square feet to non-profits.

“So we will rent that space at 25 cents per square foot,” he said, noting that quite a few local organizations have already been showing interest in that opportunity. “There’s several groups we could accommodate . . .who need space for their monthly meetings and for storage.”

And any remaining space Lafford hopes to convert into what could possibly be used as shared office space, with the potential for a type of business commons area.

“So we’ll be putting some feelers out on that,” he said.

Lafford said he has no plans at this point for any residential development on that property, as that was not part of his proposal to the town or what he wants to accomplish there.